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This is the best Mexican Restaurant, for the money, I've ever visited.If you like Tequila, oh my God! Their selection is huge and the owner will gladly spend some time with you describing the subtle differences.I have tried their Peruvian bacon wrapped shrimp and it was perfect.And their Tequila marinated Taco's. Also perfect.And their Chile Releno. To die for.I can't wait to come back to Bend.

Roaming E., This is the best Mexican Restaurant

We're from California and have enjoyed every restaurant from Sacramento to San Diego and Mexico.  My wife and are serious food enthusiasts (foodies) and have been in Bend for two years, and Hola's was one of the first restaurants we made a connection with.  The staff at Hola's leads the way in making customers feel like family.   They're in our top three Bend restaurants when it comes to Bend hospitality.  The staff is amazing and unfortunately if you love Tequila or margaritas, don't go to Hola's they make the best in the world.  And we've traveled the world.  They make all natural margaritas and don't skimp on anything!  You get what you pay for at Hola's!  And Hola's is a great combination of Peruvian and Mexican cuisine...

Ken S., Hola's flat out rocks!

We went in, planning on taking ours to go. From the get-go, the owner was incredibly friendly. His demeanor was kind and he was attentive to our needs. (At first he gave us a single menu to look at and when I looked over to see if they had another one he was instantly there, handing me another one.) Once we had ordered he invited us to sit at the bar, and offered us chips and salsa. The red salsa was good, pretty basic. They also brought a green sauce which I assume was some kind of cilantro salsa. (Refreshing, not spicy.) He sat and talked to us for a while, and another owner that was there came and joined us. He told us about an orange, red onion and habanero salsa they make sometimes. I asked if we could try it and he instantly had a cook making a batch from scratch. So, long story short, the customer service was INCREDIBLE. If you really, really like spicy food ask if they'll make you the habanero salsa. It's delicious, and if anything, it's just a fun way to make your dining partner cry at the table.The shredded beef tamale was amazing. The pork tacos were a little dry, but I added some of the red and green salsa and it made a difference. Husband had some of the peruvian food and he really liked it. He ordered the vegetable cebiche and another dish that had lime-infused potatoes and a creamy chicken (don't remember the name). We all loved our food, and it was such a tasty and unique dining experience trying the peruvian food.I will definitely go back sometime to try their HUGE collection of tequilas.

Heidi N., Oh my god. This place is fantastic

My thanks to Nato, manager of Hola @ Forum Shopping Center. He graciously, professionally and generously turned a frustrating situation into a very pleasant meal. We were 7 with a reservation for a busy Friday night but were not seated for over a half hour. I was finally able to speak to Nato, suggesting that perhaps they shouldn't take reservations if they can't honor them in a timely manner (this had happened to us before as well). He graciously apologized, professionally explained the situation and generously provided their delicious guacamole fresco for our table. And of course, our meal was as delicious as we have come to expect at Hola!. One other observation; while servers and bus people were scurrying around taking care of diners, I was surprised that the hostess didn't jump in to help. Maybe it's a division of labor issue.

Pat F., A very pleasant meal

Hola! has it's own style - a memorable experience.  Peruvian and Mexican menus - I tried a bite of my friend's Peruvian dish (beef strips) and it was flavorful - better than my enchilada & taco combo plate from the Mexican menu (which was good also!).Complimentary chips and salsa are served - potato chips & tortilla chips with a red salsa and a green salsa.  I favored the green! Yum!Drinks here are generous and the manager (owner?) is so sociable and knows how to please his customers.  We spent enough to get two "sample" shots of agavero tequila - realllllly something special.

Liz O., A memorable experience